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Bar Cart Styling

A bar cart doesn’t need to be exactly that all the time. For the most part unless we are entertaining our cart serves as the perfect home for some of my favorite accessories.  

We have been in our house now for just over 9 months and I’m feeling a little refresh coming. While I don’t change out my decor seasonally I do like to move things around as I see fit. During a recent closet and cabinet clean-out I came across some accessories that had been pushed to the back. See how a few easy changes can instantly change a look.

If you followed my bedroom console refresh last week on IG stories you will see a common theme here. My style is relatively neutral so I like to add pops of color using either fresh florals or fruit. 

When we aren’t entertaining our bar cart serves as the perfect place to showcase accessories. My current favorite are these 6 vintage gold glasses that I picked up during a trip to Palm Beach.

Changing out bottles of water or flavored drinks is another way to bring in pops of color. Some of my favorites are Pellegrino and the Trader Joe’s pink lemonade. Pro tip: Make sure you're buying glass bottles.

I love to layer with coffee table books, you can find some of my other favorites here.

What was otherwise a crystal dish sitting in my cabinets is now a beautiful more formal addition. Perfect for both limes, nuts and chocolate candies.


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