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Holiday Dress

I’m pretty sure Karl Lagerfeld said it best, “One is never overdressed or under-dressed in a little black dress” 

This is it ladies, THE perfect dress for the holidays. I’m not much for online shopping - I prefer to try my clothes on and get that instant gratification, anyone else? Well I’m here to say I took a chance on this one and it’s everything I could have imagined. Fun, flirty, classy and under $100.

I would definitely suggest adding a belt to break up all the fabric. The one pictured here and linked below is a shiny gold metal with a hook in the back. This belt is going to be a staple in your wardrobe, whether your dressing up a sweater or adding it to a shift dress - you won’t be disappointed.

I bought these shoes last year for Christmas however they are still available online. A classic in my opinion, perfect for both the holidays & NYE. I can honestly say that these are comfortable ladies, I did (and typically do) size up 1/2 size.

Looking for something a little less dressy? Add a jean or moto jacket and switch out the shoes for something open toe or strappy. My all time favorite jean jacket immediately changed this look.

So whether you have a work or children’s party, a holiday ball or gathering I’ve got you covered with some great dresses under $100.

Let me know what you think and comment below!


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