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My New Year Intentions - Happy 2020

When I sat down to start putting together my New Years intentions I found myself reflecting on not only the last year but the last 10 years.

If you haven’t had a chance to write down your intentions I encourage you to do so today. (download your printable here)

I believe that until you write them down they are just dreams. There is no right or wrong way to do these and to give you some added inspiration I’m sharing mine with you today. In addition to writing them down you should keep them in a place that will allow you to glance at them throughout the year. What better place to put them out there then online (hello accountability)! I would love to hear what your #1 intention is for 2020. Happy New Year!

My Immediate Goals

Clean out and organize my office, closet, vanity, kids playroom, basically every room in the house. When we moved last May I feel like we never got fully organized, then summer happened and things just piled up. I had hopes of cleaning out the toys before Christmas and that never happened either so now organizing is on the top of the list!

No buy January. I’m doing this for a few reasons, 1. Being debt free is a priority, and when I say debt free I mean no credit card debit. I lease my car and we have a mortgage so I’m not counting those. 2. #bloggerlife is a very consumption based industry and with only a few months in I feel like I need to check myself. You all also want to see a lot more other then fashion ie: home decor, organization ideas, entertaining tips, etc. 3. Since I will be cleaning out both my closet and bathroom I’m sure I will find a lot of unused products and clothing that should be given another life ;) 4. For me, because while I’ve always been a shopper (long before starting this blog) I want to prove to myself (and my husband) that I can do this.

**No buy January to me means not being able to buy things that aren’t necessary. For example, if I run out of shampoo and can’t find one in the house, I will go buy shampoo. However if my favorite leggings go on sale and I want them - nope, thats a no go!

Personal Goals No buy January Credit card debt free Be more present in church Read more/listen to podcasts Say no/Commit to less Continue stepping out of my comfort zone Make time for quality relationships Join Be the Match registry

Fitness Goals

Drink more water (I really need to work on this) Become better about meal planning, start on Sunday.Try and eat at home Sun-Thurs. Continue intermittent fasting 5 days/wk, weekends off No alcohol Mon-Thurs Continue working out and be more open to working out my upper body (I despise upper body workouts)

Relationship Goals

Continue putting our marriage first Average 2 date nights/month 1 couple trip every quarter


Walk to school more, 3x per wk. This will help with fitness goals too. Get the kids in a better morning routine, hopefully will mean less yelling from me. More quality time with each daughter separately Commit to less after school activities

Work Goals

$20M in sales, I’ve had this as a goal for the last 2 years. I was a little closer the year so I’m keeping it! Attend at least 1 sales meeting per month Spend Monday mornings in the office Hold open houses at least 1x per month

Blog/Social Media Goals

Continue to produce authentic and meaningful content Learn how to properly edit video Learn how to use Photoshop/Lightroom Gain 10k organic followers on Instagram Grow subscribers on blog by 20% each month

5 year goal (41) *it’s difficult for me to look this forward on my life, I found it helpful to write my age at that time and go from there)

For my family to be both happy and healthy. To be mortgage free To turn Sara-Ferguson into a brand of some sort, whether clothing or home accessories

10 year goal (46)

Mostly importantly to be healthy. To be mortgage free and have financial freedom Able to work remotely wherever I am Own a 2nd home in the Colorado To be spending a few months of the year in the mountains


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