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Guest Bedroom Reveal

With the long weekend coming up and spring break not too far behind I wanted to offer a few tips to get your guest bedroom guest ready. Whether you have a designated guest room or using a space temporarily, I’ve got 10 of your guest bedroom must-haves.

Our guest bedroom has a very coastal feel to it with its light blue wall color and white linens. Moving from Siesta Key I wanted to bring some of the beach here. The print above our desk is actually an aerial of Siesta Key beach shot by Dean West.
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Since most of our family lives locally we don’t get too many guests. However during Thanksgiving my brother and his wife stayed in this room. Since then I’ve added a few items that I think will be helpful during future stays.
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1. Stock up. This one seems obvious, but make sure you stock up with plenty of toilet paper and towels. Your guests don’t want to bother you by asking for an extra towel or roll of toilet paper. I even like to leave the bath towels out on the counter in plain sight with extras in the drawers. Speaking o f bath towels I love these ones from Target, I use white towels only and change them out as needed.

2. Beach essentials. We live less than 10 minutes from the beach and have a pool so keeping a few beach towels and sunscreen in the room is helpful too.

3. Snacks. Our guest bedroom is upstairs so I like to leave out bottles of water and snacks to save them a trip downstairs in the middle of the night.

4. Offer plenty of light. Your room is probably new to your guest so make sure to offer plenty of lighting. I like having this lamp next to the bedside table along with an extra clock and some fresh flowers.

5. An extra phone charger. Leaving an extra phone charger can be super helpful in charging extra phones or iPads.

6. Extra blankets. I always leave extra pillows and blankets in the closet so my guest will be comfortable however I also added this basket for a few throw blankets.

7. Offer a chair. Our bed sits up a little high so having a chair as a place to sit is helpful whether to get ready or for putting on shoes.

8. Extra toiletries. It’s common to forget things during your travels so offering a few extra items is always helpful. This is also a great place to put all your leftover samples or free hotel shampoos that you’ve been collecting!

9. Hair dryer. I never travel with my hair dryer so having an extra on hand for guests is a good idea.

10. Wi-fi password. Leaving a note out with wi-fi passwords and directions on how to use tricky appliances like the coffee maker can make your guest feel extra comfortable in your home.

Guest Bedroom Reveal
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