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frequently asked questions

How tall are you?



How long have you been married?


13 years! I got married when I was 22. (6-24-06) 

How do I shop your looks on Instagram?

You can shop one of two ways: You can download the app in the App Store (it’s free) and follow me there (@saraferguson) OR just shop everything from my site directly on the shop page, see it here.

how old are you?

36 (9/11/83)

how old are your girls?


Elle 8


Liv 6


Favorite workout?


Currently working out with my trainer Dave Weiner at Definition Fit but still love fitting in time for Pure Barre.

Favorite piece of jewelry?


My eternity band, Nick gave it to me when I turned 30. I just had Liv so it was a combination push gift/birthday present. It represents a very special time in my life. 

Favorite restaurant?

I have so many favorites, probably Beach Bistro.
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