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2019 Highlight Reel

December 31st. The last day of the year for most but this day holds a very special place in my heart. It was the day in 2005 that I went on my first date with my husband and the same day in 2010 that I gave birth to our first child. Today our first born, my forever baby girl, tiny dancer, best big sister, favorite shopping buddy, love of my life turns NINE. I’m not quite sure where the time has gone but this birthday is hitting me hard. Happy Birthday my sweet Elle Rose.

Instagram has this funny app, you've probably seen it - Top Nine? It’s an automatic generator that picks your top nine photos of the year based on the number of likes. It gave me the idea of doing my own ‘highlight reel’. So here it is, little highlights from each month. Fun to look back on too.


I hosted my first ever TV spot on our local new station, SNN called Real Estate 941.


Nick took home SRQ Magazine’s "Best Of’ homes under $2million


Elle brought her first solo to competition and placed. The spring was a very busy month of lots of dance competitions which made for great Elle and Mom time. 


We spent easter with the entire family and enjoyed watching both girls complete their first communion.


Said goodbye to our house on Siesta Key and hello to West of the Trail living. After 9 moves I finally allowed someone to pack for me too!


Took our first family road trip to the North Carolina mountains with our best friends, passed around the stomach bug and celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary. A memorable trip to say the least!


Watched Elle dance at nationals, met Lucy for the first time, celebrated Liv’s 6th birthday and drove to the east coast to bring Lucy home. THE highlight of our year. 


It was back to school for both girls and new braces for Elle.


Nick surprised me with a Birthday trip to my favorite city, NYC. When we returned I also got braces, Elle and I have enjoyed not being able to eat popcorn or chew gum

together :)


A busy month indeed. We managed to see Post Malone and Elton John in the same week. Took a trip Nashville with the hubs and got back just in time to take the girls trick or treating.


This seems so long ago, but I launched the blog and hosted our first Thanksgiving dinner. I think this is where we pressed the fast forward button.


Girls trip back to NYC. Came home in time for my favorite event with the family. Celebrated Nick’s birthday at home, went to the ball, met Santa and hosted both brunch and dinner for Christmas.


Wishing you all a safe and happy New Year!! Xoxo


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