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A.M/P.M Skincare Routine

Growing up in the Sunshine State meant lots of sun exposure. I swam competitively as a child and well into my teen and college years. Like any Sarasota teen my weekends were spent on Siesta Key beach, perfectly positioned in the sun's direction. I preferred baby oil over sunscreen and even remember adding lemon juice to my blonde locks. 

It wasn’t until having kids in my late 20’s that I really started taking care of my skin. These days I’ve traded my baby oil for my favorite SPF 30, my bikinis for trendy one-pieces and find myself looking for the shade on the sunniest of days. 


My skincare routine is relatively simple because thats all I have time for at the moment. Facials are a treat that occur less frequently then I would like so instead I try and make a point to do #selfcare Saturday or Sunday. 

Disclaimer: As you know I’m sharing what works for me and you should always check with a professional if your worried if something will work for you.

For starters I’ve ditched the typical oily makeup removers and bought this reusable makeup wipe. At the time your reading this I’ve only used it 3 times however I’m hooked! It’s so soft, easy to use and works better then anything I’ve ever tried. I love it so much that I just ordered a few more. If you haven’t heard of this thing - it’s a game changer!

Cleansing: As a suggestion from friends and other bloggers I made the switch to a new probiotic face wash. It’s called the cult classic for a reason, and I’m definitely hooked. I love how my skin feels every time I wash my face, it's cleansing but not overly drying and leaves my skin feeling radiant. To top it off the price point is great. 

Toning: My skin is sensitive so this hypoallergenic toner works really well for me. It’s made for all skin types and isn’t filled with alcohol or oils. I use it both day and night and each time I’m left feeling refreshed. Fun fact: there are no parabens in this product!

Retinol: I started using this product about 3 months ago. I had never used a retinol before as I was fearful it would dry my skin out.  I’m happy to say that after using this retinol nightly it seems to be working on some fine lines around my eyes. The cream strength is 1% and I only use during my night time routine. I take a pea size amount in my palm and mix it with my moisturizing cream. Apply to your face, neck and chest but be careful to stay away from your eyes.

Moisturizer: I like simple so this 24-7 day and night moisturizer is perfect for me. Its hydrating but not thick, it’s from the same probiotic line as my current cleanser.

Brightening Serum: This serum is GOOD. I only use in the morning and I love how lightweight it is. Packed with antioxidants and enzymes it is suppose to brighten the skin’s appearance. It won best of beauty by Allure and I can definitely see why! 

Eye Cream: This firming eye serum isn’t as thick as some others on the market however I prefer this. Since my skin is more sensitive the heavy creams tend to cause break outs under my eyes. I’ve become a big fan of ‘clean’ beauty products so this line is becoming a favorite.

Lip Mask: I LOVE this lip mask. I was given a sample to try in Sephora and was immediately obsessed. I prefer my current citrus flavor over the sample Strawberry but thats besides the point. Even though it states “night lip mask” on the container I use it each time after I wash my face - morning/night.


Nectifirm: The jury is still out on this one which is why I’m not including it in my ‘official’ routine. Nectifirm is supposed to help in firming the appearance of the neck and décolletage, all of which I could use help with.


Face Mask: I try to use a face mask at least once during the week and on the weekend. Currently I’m switching between a black mask and this baby facial mask, it just depends on my mood. My favorite #selfcare thing to do is apply a mask and take a hot bath while reading a book.


Microderm roller: This roller is a new addition to my routine so the verdict is still out. I’m such a sucker for new products and the reviews are amazing so I'm keeping my hopes high.


Step 1: Remove makeup with makeup cloth remover

Step 2: Cleanse face and neck, rinse, pat to dry

Step 3: Apply toner with cotton pad on entire face and neck

Step 4: Apply eye cream 

Step 5: Take pea size amount of retinol into palm and mix with moisturizer, rub hands together to mix and apply to face, neck and chest. Make sure you stay away the your eyes and the corners of your nose

Step 6: Apply lip mask to lips


My morning routine is almost the same. The only thing I do differently is add a brightening serum and take out the retinol cream. 

Step 1: Cleanse face and neck, pat to dry

Step 2: Apply toner with cotton pad on entire face and neck

Step 3: Use 2-3 pumps of brightening serum and apply to entire face and neck, sometimes I will add in a facial roller if I have time

Step 4: Lightly apply eye cream around eyes

Step 5: Finish off with moisturizer 

Step 6: Roll brightening stick under eyes and towards the temples of your forehead

**I typically do my face routine before my hair so my face can absorb all the products while I’m getting ready. 


Our weekends are pretty go with the flow unless I’m out of town for a dance competition. As I mentioned above my favorite thing to do is apply a face mask and sit in the bathtub. At least once a month I shave my face as well, yup, you read that correctly. If you have ever heard the term dermaplaning it’s basically the same thing. After cleansing and toning my face I apply an oil that acts like a lubricant. I use these little razors about 1 once a month to take off the peach fuzz and dead skin, its so gratifying and leaves your skin feeling amazing. The best part - your makeup application will look flawless!

Face rolling.

Oh how I love this. I keep a jade roller by my bed and find myself rolling over my face as I watch TV at night. On days where I wake up feeling a little puffy I pull this ice roller out of the freezer. It really makes a huge difference!


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