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Back At It Again

Life has been a little hectic these last few weeks; my days consist of homeschooling and entertaining the girls while behind the scenes I’ve been holding onto a big secret.

I’m a pretty open book and while I wasn’t planning on sharing this news for a few more weeks I feel as though I can’t be my authentic self without spilling the beans. So here it goes … we sold our house!

If you are currently scratching your head and asking yourself, isn’t this a brand new house you just built? The answer is yes and I will explain everything right here —

You may remember a post that I shared a few months back about the working relationship that my husband and I have. So to catch you up to speed my husband Nick is a custom home builder and I work as a Realtor. Given the nature of our jobs we have moved a LOT. This June we will celebrate 14 years of marriage and our 10th move together. 

Over the years we have renovated and built many homes. I’ve learned not to get attached to our homes; however, there are so many things that I love about this house which makes it my favorite to date. We put our blood sweat and tears into this house, selling it to someone who loved and appreciated every detail made it a little easier.


Earlier this year, long before COVID-19 we were introduced to a family that was interested in building a new home with Nick. As with most vetted clients we met them in our home because what better place to show off our work than our own home. Building a custom home is not for the faint of heart; there are hundreds of selections to be made and it takes time and most of all patience. 

To make a long story short our ‘favorite’ house also became their favorite too. So last week we officially sold our home and while the reality hasn’t quite hit me, I know it’s coming. Given all that has gone on with COVID-19 and homeschooling we have been blessed to be able to stay here until the end of the month.

As we soak up these last few weeks I look forward to finishing up the home tour, sharing our future plans and documenting everything in between. I’ve done a brief Q&A below as these are the most frequently asked questions from our friends and family. 

So what now? We are building again! But first we will be moving into a rental where I will be sharing everything from moving to where we are going, building plans, etc. 

Do you like moving? NO! But I have it down to a science. This next house is a somewhat ‘forever’ home

Am I sad to move?  Yes, however it hasn’t quite hit me yet. We were blessed to be given the opportunity to finish out the homeschool year here and get our life organized again. We will be moving into a rental close-by the first week of June.  

Will the style be the same? We never build the same house twice; however, there are so many aspects that I love about this house. We are sticking with a traditional home with coastal elements. 

Have you started the new house plans?  Yes! We have been working on them since March and I can’t wait to share them with you.

Are you staying in the same area?  Yes, we will be less than 10 minutes from our current house.

What are you most excited about for the new house? Honestly going through the design/build process again is really exciting. I love watching something come to life from paper. I’m also excited about having a big backyard! 

If you have any other questions or want me to touch on something specially regarding the design process please comments below!


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