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Broccoli Salad Recipe

If you try one new recipe this summer you must make this broccoli salad.

This salad is always a crowd pleaser and the perfect side for your summer barbecue. Pairs with everything from a steak to a brat on then grill. It’s easy to make ahead and double for large parties too. I love how light and fresh it is on a hot summer day.

Broccoli salad ingredients:

2 bags of cut up broccoli

8 oz or 1 container of sliced mushrooms

4 green onions

1/2 red onion

1 package of bacon

Dressing ingredients:

1 c. Mayo (I prefer Dukes)

2 tbsp. Red wine vinegar

1/4 c. Sugar (you can exchange for a sugar substitute however it does change the taste a bit)


1. Cook bacon in a pan until crispy, remove and place on a paper towel

2. Rinse and pat dry broccoli, mushrooms and green onions

3. Chop broccoli into small pieces removing any large stems, add to bowl

4. Chop mushroom into fine pieces and add to bowl

5. Chop green onion and red onion and add to bowl

6. Pour dressing mixture over the top, stir and place in the refrigerator

7. Before serving chop and add bacon giving it one more stir!

**Best if you make a few hours in advance allowing the dressing to marinate with the veggies. I also like to add the bacon right before serving so it stays crispy.


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