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Christmas Countdown

Call me crazy but I think a part of me thrives off of all the last minute running around for teacher gifts and stocking stuffers. So today while my kids are enjoying their last day of school before winter break, you will know where to find me. Stocking stuffers, wrapping and creating our Christmas menu are a few things on my to-do list!

Over the years our traditions have remained pretty much the same, we go to church on Christmas Eve followed by eating out at one of our favorite Italian restaurants. We are always home early to set out cookies and get to bed. On Christmas morning we enjoy waking up just the four of us (I mean 5, sorry Lucy) to unwrap presents and see what Santa left. Our families join us mid-morning for brunch and then it’s on to round 2 of opening more presents.

This past year we decided to change things up and instead of having another formal sit down dinner we wanted to open our home up to both family and friends. We had friends that stopped by both after being with their own families as well as those who didn’t have family members to celebrate with. The kids enjoyed running around with their new toys and the adults had great conversations. We drank wine and laughed over all the crazy that the holidays bring including some family drama.

This year we have even more space to entertain so it was a no brainer deciding what we wanted to do. Nick has already been to Costco, so prime rib and king crab legs are on the menu! It will be my job to figure out the sides and appetizers. One thing I know for sure is that there will be good company and great times had by all.

I’m keeping things simple around the dinner table. Using a lot of the same items from Thanksgiving and just switching out for my favorite Christmas plates. My favorite trick is to add fresh cranberries in the candle vase for that perfect pop of red! 

So as we move into the weekend before Christmas I hope you can sit back and enjoy the magic of the holiday that is happening around you. With two young girls who are growing up so fast I know that I’m just trying to take it all in. I’m looking forward to a night this weekend where we will all hang out in pajamas and watch Christmas movies.


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