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Creating The Perfect Family Photos At Home

Family photos are a must and for as long as I can remember we have used my childhood friend Nicole Houser with Nicole Kristen Photography. She is so incredibly talented and my girls adore her which in turn produces beautiful photos every time. Nicole gets booked up long in advance so even though I have plenty of time to prepare, I always find myself waiting until the last minute. 

This year our photoshoot fell the day after our home photoshoot. With everything going on, I totally forgot that I needed to get the girls something to wear! My original intentions were to do a beach shoot, however with fall trends in full force there was no way I was going to pull that off. Racks were lined with chunky sweaters, corduroy skirts and animal print dresses. I was loving it all however did I mention it was NINETY SEVEN DEGREES outside?

 It was almost time to pick up the girls from school and I was hot, exhausted and still without a location I wanted to shoot at. My sweet husband gave the great idea of just staying home and doing them at the house. It couldn’t have been more appropriate since this will be our first Christmas in our new home. We were also able to have Lucy (our six-month-old French Bulldog) join.

The girls are dressed head to toe in Old Navy. I love that they coordinate so well without being super matchy-matchy. I find it easiest to dress them first, then I can pull from my closet. I ended up wearing an old chambray top and a faux leather skirt. Poor Nick wears the same thing every year. Ha!


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