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Lucy Turns One

In case you're new around here, meet Lucy.

Lucy Lou Mae is our French Bulldog. She joined our family this past summer and today we are celebrating her 1st Birthday. I never thought I’d be the type of dog Mom who throws their pup a little celebration but here we are. Her big sisters were behind most of this; shopping for presents and making sure she had something sweet to eat too. (Her treat was supplied by a local pet store, Dog Perfect.

Lucy is sweet, funny, loving, sometimes wild and a little stubborn. Her favorite thing to do is cuddle. Whether on my lap while I work or snuggling with the girls on the couch; Lucy is the ultimate lap dog.

I often get asked where we got Lucy so I’m answering some of my most frequently asked questions below --

Where did you get Lucy? After researching for over a year I chose Poetic French Bulldogs The owner Melissa is incredibly knowledgable and answered all my questions about the breed (this is our families first Frenchie). I still keep in touch and hope to add another to the mix soon.

Tell me about Lucy’s coloring? She is what they call a ‘blue’ Frenchie.

Are French Bulldogs good with kids? In my experience, yes! She is such a love with the girls and the perfect ‘small’ dog for our family.

How much does Lucy weigh? Currently Lucy is 12 pounds and we don’t expect her to get much bigger. This was actually very important to me when selecting a breed. We wanted a small enough dog that could travel with our family.

Are French Bulldogs high maintenance? Not in my opinion. We do get her groomed once a month which includes a bath, nail clipping and cleaning her folds and ears.


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