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Tips & Tools For Moms During Social Distancing

Since starting this blog one thing has never changed — my love for sharing. While I typically stick with things I’m good at like home decor, fashion, makeup and other things of the sort I felt it was important to share these important resources I’ve come across. Since I will be adding teacher to my resume this week I’ve done some research to provide helpful links for those that will be joining me.

In addition to homeschooling I will be juggling both work and keeping up with the blog. More now than ever I’m thankful for this space and the community that we have created. I hope you can find comfort knowing that we are in this together and I’m always here for you.

As we all navigate the unknowns I hope todays post offers some help whether your navigating working from home, taking on the role of teaching children or adjusting to quarantined home life.

Coming from someone who works out of the home 98% of the time my best advice is to get yourself up, dressed and ready for the day even if your not leaving the house. I promise you will feel better then the days you hang in your jammies all day. Another key to feeling great is staying active, find time to take a walk or and eating healthy.

Our sample schedule

Click HERE to download my sample schedule + printable which you can customize Pretty sure this will change as we go but it’s just to give you an idea of what our days will look like. I will most likely get my work done during their quiet time ie: reading, tv time, etc.

FUN ACTIVITIES FOR KIDS: Virtual field trip, here you can find over 30 virtual field trips  • Write a letter to a friend, grandparent or teacher • Interview a family member • Measure the area or each room in the house • Journaling • Board Games • FaceTime friends • Crafts • Scavenger Hunts • Build a fort • Alphabetize the spices in your kitchen • Make a family tree • Learn 10 new words, write them on bathroom mirror • Draw a map of your home • Learn a magic trick and share with your family • Swim • Exercise • Photography • Baking • Helping with food prep • Painting FUN OUTDOOR SCAVENGER HUNT FOR KIDS: - something colorful - something smooth - something rough - 2 kinds of leaves - 2 kinds of sticks - something bumpy - something that smells good - a flat rock - something fuzzy - something pretty - a flower or petal - a piece of liter - something you think is a treasure

APPS FOR KIDS: ABCmouse Go Noodle Homer ABCya Cosmic Yoga Kids Reading DisneyPlus Never thought I would love technology more, many of these are even offering free memberships. You can find a full list HERE READING: Best reading websites  Remember Scholastic Magazines? Here your can find everything by grade level.  Sqiggle Park Story Online ReadTheory 


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