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VSCO Party Girl

I love to plan a good party, so when my oldest suggested having a few friends over for a birthday sleepover I didn’t object. My nine year old is a self proclaimed VSCO girl. Not sure what that is? Well me either as of a month ago. According to the Urban Dictionary a VSCO girl "wears oversized t-shirts, has Vans, Birks, and wears a shell necklace. She wears tube tops and jean shorts. She always has a hydroflask. She can’t leave home without a scrunchie and her favorite car is a jeep.” So basically my 90’s self? (I’d like to just say that tube tops and crocs are out of the question, ha!) 

Every good party planner needs a theme so given that this “VSCO girl’ phenom is every 9 year old girls' jam I figured this was it. Not only was it a hit, but it was the least expensive party I’ve thrown in years. Here is whats on the agenda..

Photo Booth -  Who doesn’t love a good photobooth? I had much bigger plans for this but Amazon didn’t pull through with my delivery. The girls loved it regardless. Pro tip: you can use blue painters tape and hang right to your walls

Swimming - 

The weather cooperated at 73 degrees, so the girls flip flopped between both the pool and hot tub. #florindawinters

The Cake -

I like to keep it simple with cupcakes, and if your local try out Cup Cakes a go-go. They were my go-to all holiday season and didn’t disappoint. They also make regular cakes in addition to just cupcakes. 

The Sleepover-

When we designed this house I knew I wanted a space where the girls could just hang out and be kids, so after spending 6 months in the house with an empty room over the garage we decided to convert the room into what is now called the ‘bunk-room’. The girls had their first official sleepover since the room was finished. It’s absolutely adorable and I can’t wait to reveal it soon.

Looking for something a little more simple? We purchased a blow up mattress from Target two years ago and have used it countless times. Such a great thing to have around the house. 

The goodie bag

Your never too old for a goodie bag, right? Scrunchies, lip gloss, bath bomb and stickers for their hydrofask - the perfect accessories for any VSCO girl.

So if you have a party coming up in the near future or just looking to add some fun to a sleepover I hope you can use some of these cute ideas. 


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