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Dance Mom Travel Essentials

Today I’m off to Elle's first dance competition of the season. While I’m newer to the world of traveling dance Mom I grew up traveling for swim meets as a kid. My parents spent almost every weekend driving me around for different swim meets. They did a great job of always making sure we had plenty of snacks and activities during our time off.

Since each competition is different I like to come prepared. Other then the obvious healthy snacks we like to travel with here are a few of my favorite go-to items.
This YETI is perfect to keep the weekend essentials cool. YETI coolers can be heavy to tote around and I love this one for it's compact size. It’s great for traveling, not too bulky and most importantly keeps the ice frozen. While I don’t mind eating out for dinner I like to make sure my tiny dancer has a more nutritious breakfast and lunch, especially before she competes. You can typically find some milk for cereal and cut up fruit & veggies in the color. For me I like to bring my ice tea, plenty of water and sometimes a bottle of wine ;)

This portable tea kettle is genius, I found it last summer as I was getting ready for a 5 day long dance convention. I’m some what of a coffee snob and didn’t feel like spending $5 everyday on mediocre coffee. Coffee not your thing? I’ve used it to make tea, instant oatmeal and even Mac & Cheese. It collapses right down and travels so well. I like to bring a gallon of water so I don’t need water from the sink. Just pour the water, plug it in and the water starts boiling in just a few minutes!

Who doesn’t love getting ready with some music on? I love traveling with this blue tooth speaker but especially to dance competitions. It’s hard to find a quiet place to warm up so this speaker allows us to play her dance music loud enough to hear. It’s not only portable and wireless but also waterproof!

With four costume changes this weekend I want to make sure everything is looking perfect. This portable steamer is not only great for dance in fact I originally purchased it for myself. I travel with this everywhere, it’s perfect for taking the wrinkles out of clothes that have become wrinkled in the suitcase!

As far as I’m concerned I’m just bringing the basics on this trip. I will be living in sneakers and athleisure wear, because after all I’m in Orlando.  We do have a few vacations coming up this Spring so I will update my full list of travel essentials then. In the meantime you can follow along on Instagram stories to see how the competition is going. Have a great weekend y’all!

Dance Mom Travel Essentials
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