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Easy Meal-Prepping Ideas

I’m aways looking for ways to make life a little easier, so towards the end of last year my husband suggested we start meal prepping. To be honest I wasn’t excited about the idea because it sounded like a lot of extra work for ME. For the most part I like to get my grocery shopping done on the weekend, allowing Sundays to be our meal prep day. We keep it pretty simple, so between washing, chopping everything and cleaning up the mess it takes about 1 hour total.

Most weekends Nick handles cooking the chicken on the grill however if your not up for that maybe consider shredding a rotisserie chicken or grabbing this container of already grilled chicken from Trader Joe’s. This makes lunches really easy - my husband loves making a salad with a protein on top. I prefer my homemade chicken salad, you can find this easy recipe here . For the veggies my go-to’s are both English and Persian cucumbers, celery, and mini peppers. All of these offer a good crunch while satisfying my afternoon snack cravings. I often pair them with hummus or the kale and spinach greek yogurt dip. One of my favorite snacks is a sliced English cucumber with whipped cream cheese and everything but the bagel seasoning.

We typically have a salad every night with dinner so having pre-washed lettuce and veggies makes salad making a breeze. Another great option is searching for bags of pre-washed salad ready to go.

Something I didn’t even consider when starting our meal preps was how easy it made getting the kids' lunch ready. The fact that everything is cut up and ready to go allows them to pick and choose what they want.

These days I have them take care of their lunch boxes the night before. These lunch boxes are so great for portion control and offer the perfect spot for a fruit, veggie, snack and sandwich. The kids really love picking out what goes in their lunches and it also helps me in the meantime!

Whether your looking to make life a little easier during an already hectic week or just wanting to make some healthy choices I would suggest investing in these glass Pyrex containers. I’ve had mine for over a year and they hold up great in the dishwasher.

Easy Meal-Prepping Ideas
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