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Quartz vs.Quartzite

We’re back in the kitchen for a question I get asked all the time, quartz or quartzite?

The biggest difference between quartz and quartzite is that quartz is man-made and quartzite is a natural stone.

Our kitchen has quartzite countertops, it has a very similar look to marble in fact if your not sure what your looking at you could easily mistake them for marble. Our kitchen island countertop has double the thickness which was created using a mitered edge. There was an additional cost to this but I think it was well worth it!
This quartz material is from the company, Cambria. This style was made to look like a natural stone. The installer took two pieces of quartz and mitered them together to create this waterfall edge. The same quartz material was used on both the counter top and backsplash. Quartz comes in many different color combinations as you can see below. Since quartz is manufactured it comes in set size slabs which can make things easier when designing your kitchen or bathroom layout. Since quartzite is a natural stone each slab varies in size.
What about price? Quartzite is more expensive since it’s mined into slabs whereas quartz is ground up stone and is essentially molded together with an epoxy.

Which is more durable? Quartzite is actually harder than granite and can withstand heat, however it can also be very porous so precautions need to be taken. Quartz is hard too, but not as hard as quartzite.

Does quartzite stain easily? All quartzite is different in terms of stain resistance. Quartzite counters should be properly sealed to prevent staining and etching. Quartz is more durable when it comes to staining and etching.

Quartz vs.Quartzite
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