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Under Construction!

Construction is well underway at the new Ferguson Residence and I’m so excited to be sharing the process with you all. Back in May when I announced we were moving it seemed like time was standing still. Summer felt like one giant waiting game and while it didn’t go quite as planned; family road trips and long weekends away provided a good distraction. By the end of Summer our building plans were approved and we finally broke ground!
So in case you're just tuning in my husband is a builder (I work in real estate) and we unexpectedly sold what we thought was our ‘dream home’ last Spring. I will spare you too many details and instead you can catch up by reading this post here . Since we had just gone through the design process two years ago I pretty much knew exactly what I wanted. Similar to the last house we wanted an open floor plan with traditional spaces throughout. While the new house is a completely different layout there are definitely some similarities.

Prior to starting construction we needed to demolish the existing home on the property. The original home was what we call ‘non-conforming’, keeping the original structure and renovating was not an option. It took about two weeks to demolish the home, clear the site and bring any needed fill dirt. I should mention that anything that could be saved or donated was taken out prior to demolition.
Once the site was ready the stem wall began to take shape. It’s always surreal to walk the outline of the house and imagine standing in the same place when it’s finished. If you've ever built a home before you will have moments where it feels small, then big, and then small again. Walking the perimeter of the new house gave me all the feels!

Bringing in fill dirt for the stem wall was next on the agenda and just as we we finished the rains came. Back to back hurricanes left us unharmed but the outer bands produced so much rain that it took over 3 weeks for the stem wall to dry out. The few weeks delayed gave me the opportunely to make sure all the plumbing and electrical were in the right place. This means everything from plumbing drains to kitchen sink location and electrical floor outlets! Once dry the masonry crew came in to prep and pour the slab. There are a few major moments in the new build process and pouring the slab is definitely one of them. I waited patiently all day until I could etch our initials into the foundation of our new home.

As you can probably tell by the photo we were all heading in different directions - Nick to the gym, Liv to dance and Elle & I back home to finish homework however I’m so glad we snapped this photo!

So you're probably wondering now what? Well this is where the fun begins. Block is being delivered as I type this post and the next time I come on to write we should have our exterior walls up! In the meantime I’m working on our cabinet layout, picking out plumbing fixtures and looking for inspiration through my day to day activities. If home design is something you also love make sure you follow me Pinterest !

To watch my videos on Instagram Stories, go follow the ‘ new home’ tab and watch all the progress from start to finish.

My goal for these posts are to not only provide an insight into the home building process but also create a journal for myself as something to look back on. If there is something specifically you would like me to touch on make sure and comment below!

Under Construction!
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