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Wine Spritzer Recipe

Wine spritzers have become my go-to drink of choice. Whether on a hot summer day, mid-day brunch or just because. I love how light and refreshing they are. Easy to make and served over wine the citrus adds a perfect zest flavor too. I prefer using Sauvignon Blanc in my spritzers however you can use any white wine. My personal favorite wine to use is Whitehaven it’s perfect for both spritzers and serving alongside a yummy meal. Ingredients: Ice White wine (I use Whitehaven) 1/4 glass chilled soda water Citrus of choice - lemon, lime, orange sliced Directions: Fill glass with ice and squeeze citrus over ice (I prefer using all three). Fill glass 3/4 of the way full with wine and top with soda, give a quick stir and enjoy!  I love using a straw in my spritzer and these glass straws are my favorite. These are the same ones I use in my smoothies . I recently updated all of our wine glasses, I love these for their clean and classic design. I get so many compliments every time I pull them out to entertain too. Red wine glass (and what I use for my wine spritzers)
White wine glass
Water Goblet Cutting out drinking, not to worry. Soda water on ice with you favorite citrus is just as good. Don’t forget to serve it in your favorite wine glass.
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Wine Spritzer Recipe
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