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Amazon haul - resort wear/coverups

There are only a few days a year where we can’t live in swim suits and cover-ups. So whether your a Floridian yourself or planning a tropical vacation here are some super cute coverups to consider.

I love this pink color. It was a little short for me (I’m 5’11) however I could easily wear with some jean shorts.

This is one is adorable and came in a bunch of other colors. My height made it a little short on me but since I will mostly be wearing it on the boat I’m not to worried about it

Not from Amazon but figured I would share anyways. I LOVE this suit. In the past the high waisted bathing suit trend hasn’t been a good fit for me however I decided to give it another try. I’m wearing a medium in both the top and bottom and I love the fit. It also comes in a black and white version.

Amazon has some real gems amongst the paper towels and dog food, I’m thinking about doing a weekly amazon haul. What do you think?


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