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Beach Bag Essentials

It’s a long weekend for us so we are packing up and headed south to enjoy some quiet pool and beach time with the kids. There is something about packing for a beach vacation that feels fun and refreshing. Maybe it’s the carefree attire or the fact that I will be in a bathing suit 90% of the weekend.

Here are my top 5 beach bag essentials whether we are at the pool, on the boat or hanging at the beach.

1. SUNSCREEN, growing up in Florida I did my fair share of damage to my skin. I don’t want my kids to follow in my footsteps so I swear by this Beauty Counter sunscreen for the girls. I have everything from the stick to the spray. They haven’t been burnt since I switched them (knock on wood), ha. My go-to sunscreen is the super-goop line, its super lightweight but also a clean product.

2. WATER I get easily dehydrated in the sun so I love my swell water bottle that always keeps my water (and wine) cold!

3. SUNGLASSES. It’s so important to protect your eyes in the sun, I not only pack a pair for myself but also for my kids. In case you missed it I did a whole post on designer dupe sunglasses that you can find here. (link)

4. COVERUPS. I often have a hard time find the perfect cover-up. One that isn’t too short and not too hot.

5. A BIG HAT. I’m all for getting a little bit of sun on my body, that is everywhere but my face.

Loving this super neutral poolside look, everything here is under $50.

And in case you missed it on Instagram here is my entire beach vacation try-on session.


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