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Christmas Jammies

With Christmas only 14 days away I’m sharing one of my very favorite holiday traditions, Christmas Jammies!

For our family the holidays are all about traditions, including the ones that have evolved over the years. During the next two weeks I will be sharing some of our other favorite holiday traditions including the Fergusons' famous sour dough pancakes.

Christmas jammies started out as just another excuse to get dressed up and be silly. I have memories of my girls as babies in their footed onesies with the cutest diaper butts. When both of my brothers got married a couple years ago I made sure my sister-in-laws took part in the fun too.

It wasn’t until just a year or two ago that I realized I wasn’t the only one enjoying this family tradition. Every Christmas Eve morning the Elf ‘Rooster’ (Elle named him when she was 2) leaves a set of pajamas under the girls' tree. Always matching and always Christmas themed. The girls, think it's the coolest thing to unwrap a present the day before Christmas (even though every year it’s the same thing).

On the night of Christmas Eve we take photos by the tree and the girls head to bed early, excited for the magic that the morning brings.

Our Christmas morning consists of our annual brunch and hanging out in our pj’s until well past lunchtime. This year we will also be hosting dinner so I may have to change a little sooner, ha!

I’m linking some of my new favorites below, I really love the black and white buffalo check and plan to wear them all year long!


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