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Favorite Coffee Table Books

Over the years I have found myself collecting coffee table books. I’m a lover of all things home & design and feel so inspired every time I flip through the beautiful pages. Using coffee table books in your decor is a great way to add a pop of color and give dimension to any space.

Coffee table books aren’t just for the coffee tables either. Here are some of my favorite books and how I've styled them.

I’m a born and raised Florida beach girl and I love this book filled with aerial beach shots from around the world.

I love the combination of blue and green, these sit on my bar cart right next to a couple bottles of Pellegrino.

These are the only two that actually sit on the coffee table. I love the neutral colors, they also give my plant the height it needs on the table.

I just love this pop of pink. This trio sits perfectly on our living room console. The sweet starfish was a Christmas ornament that I have decided to leave out for now.

This is a new addition and I love the velvety texture.

The ultimate black & white duo. I not only love this combination but these are two of my favorite reads. I’ve gotten so many good ideas from them.

Definitely the most expensive book of the bunch but so chic, I could move this book around my house 20 times over and it would look great anywhere.

You didn’t think I only had home books did you? This is a staple in my collection of black & white books. It also gives this artwork the height I was looking for. (The artwork is from a local store called Pecky)


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