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February Top 5 Favorite Products

I decided to start a new video series this month. Here are my Top 5 Favorite Products for the month of February!

1.  Gold statement necklaces. These necklaces are perfectly priced for costume jewelry and come in a set of two. Under $60.

2. Blue-light blocking glasses. Used to protect your eyes from screen time.

3. Goop scalp treatment. This was a gift from my sister in law, she knows I love trying new products and this is a good one. I’ve used it 3 times in the last two weeks and is by far my favorite hair product of 2020!

4. Makeup removing cloth. I was skeptical the first time I used this thing and to be honest there is nothing better on the market. It takes off everything from my foundation to my mascara leaving my face makeup free and ready for cleansing.

5. Tie-dye everything!


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