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How To Keep Hydrangeas Fresh

White hydrangeas are a constant staple on my kitchen counter. I use a simple clear vase to keep the look simple and fresh.

For my vase I typically buy 3-4 bunches of hydrangeas from Trader Joe’s.

*My vase is the small size

Step 1: Take out of packaging and remove all leaves. I just use my finger nails to gently pinch them off.

Step 2: Fill vase with hot water (yup you heard that right, hot).

Step 3: Measure for the desired height and trim ends on the diagonal. Remember you can always cut more so start on the longer side. I use these scissors.

Step 4: Start placing. I start on the perimeter of my vase and work my way into the center. Sometimes I have to trim the ends again for my desired look.

Step 5: Change water every 3 days. I always use warm water. When following all the steps above I typically get 1-1.5 weeks out of them. If you see them starting to wilt sooner lightly mist flowers with cool water. If they are wilting quickly you can try dunking the entire head in cool water. Hydrangeas also drink from their bloom so this can help prolong life.


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