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Thanksgiving Recipe: easy and delicious

My husband Nick and his entire family are from Michigan. They often spoke of an eatery called The Ember Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant that has since closed. Known for their one pound pork chop and angel pie, I was told that it was the peas and peanuts recipe that everyone wanted. I’m not sure how my mother-in-law got ahold of this recipe but I’m sure glad she did!

Peas & Peanuts, sounds strange I know however this will be the easiest and most delicious side on your table this Thanksgiving!

1 bag frozen peas

1 jar Spanish peanuts (with the skins on)

Miracle Whip

Rinse frozen peas under cold water. Place on paper towels and gently dry. Place peas and peanuts in bowl. Add enough Miracle Whip to make creamy.

Best if put together shortly before eating. Within 2-3 hours is okay.

Let me know how it turns out! And I’d love to hear any family (or restaurant) recipes you enjoy for Thanksgiving. Comment below!


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