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Thanksgiving Table

It's our first Thanksgiving in our new home and it’s also my first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner. When we were designing our home it was really important to me to have a formal dining room. I love to entertain and had dreams of hosting family and friends in that space. This year we will be hosting fifteen people, a mix of kids and adults, both friends and family.

With a table full of drinks and food I need to be realistic about our table decor. We purchased a new dining table for this home from Arhaus, the finish doesn’t require a table cloth so I’ve gone with a layered look with chargers and plates. I picked up these Thankful napkins this year from Williams-Sonoma. Our plates are also from Williams-Sonoma, they were a gift from my grandfather for our wedding. (We have been married for almost fourteen years so if that says anything about the quality.) What I love most is that they are classic and I’ve been able to go back and buy more throughout the years. It also makes adding decorative salad plates throughout the seasons fun. For the table, a large pumpkin sits at the center with both dried eucalyptus flanking the sides. I love these gold starfish that add a coastal element and tie back in with the chargers.


Does anyone else remember sitting at the kids table well past the age of 12? {insert hand raise} Well this is not your average kids table, more of what I would like to call the ‘overflow’ table. I’m so incredibly grateful to be celebrating Thanksgiving in our new home with the tables overflowing with all the people I love the most.

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Charger Plates Happy Thanksgiving! Please let me know where you are spending yours!


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