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The Perfect Suit - Men’s Edition

It’s not often that Nick and I get dressed up anymore. When we first got married and before kids it seemed like we had some sort of event every month. However these days it has to be something pretty special to get us out of our usual routine. 

For years I’ve suggested Nick get fitted for a custom suit however he always disregards me given his line of work. For those that may not know, Nick is a custom home builder; his work attire consists of jeans, polo shirts and sneakers. Unlike myself he doesn’t care to shop, in fact I do most of it for him.

So what do you do for the man who doesn’t like going shopping? You bring it to them. When our long time dry cleaner, Donald Carlson started a new business I knew I had to get Nick on board (literally). Donald, founder and owner of Tweed Suits has a pretty interesting story, with a background in dry cleaning he always had the mentality of ‘dressing for success'. Donald went on to trade in his car for a 16ft box truck and converted what used to be an old A/C truck into a suit truck on wheels - genius if you ask me!

I conveniently scheduled Nick following his usual stop home for lunch. Donald and his suit truck sat at the bottom of the driveway waiting to get Nick’s measurements. We were able to customize everything from the inside - out, buttons to initialed shirts. In addition to custom suits and shirts he also has ties and other accessories. This time we went for basic black however now that Donald has his measurements ordering another will be super simple. 

In what seemed like only a few weeks Nick’s new suit was ready to be fitted. I scheduled Donald to come back again after lunch so Nick could try it on -  it was perfect, it was simple and best part - zero complaining. 

So tonight we are off to the Holly Ball.  I will be wearing an old St. John knit gown from my closet. It’s a classic dress with a timeless jewel tone and perfect for the holidays. For my shoes I’m picking comfort over fashion. Now back to getting ready, I can’t wait to dance the night away with my handsome date! 

How many times a year do you get dressed up semi-formally? 


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