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Valentine's Desserts

Sweet and sinful is what comes to mind when I think about these Valentines Treats. 

If you love peanut butter this one is for you. Perfect for any occasion but I’m especially loving the heart and football for this one!

What you need:

1/4 c softened butter

4 oz. cream cheese

1 c. Peanut butter

1/2 tsp. Vanilla extract

1.5 c. Powdered sugar (up to 2 cups)

1/2 c. Mini chocolate chips


1. Cream butter, cream cheese, peanut butter until mixed using a hand-held mixer. Add in vanilla.

2. Add powder sugar, 1/2 cup at a time and mix until combined. (I added closer to 2 cups for a stiffer mixture

3. Place on serving platter and start forming into the shape of your choice; here I did a heart, you could also do a football, etc.

4. Cover in sprinkles or chocolate chips, pressing them into the surface so they stick. Chill until ready to serve.

5. Serving suggestions: waffle cones, pretzels, fresh fruit, vanilla wafers and a spoon :)

**Please note that I doubled this recipe for the photo. 

Valentine Snack Mix

This is absolutely delicious. I made this for my Galentine’s Brunch but this could be great for a kids party or to give as gifts to teachers. Super easy to make and the kids can help with this one too!

What you need:

4 c. Cheerios (original or honey - currently using the limited edition hearts)

4 c. Chex cereal

4 c. Mini pretzels

1 bag of M&M’s

2 bags of white chocolate

1 bottle of multi colored sprinkles (optional)


1. Use a very large bowl and combine the first four ingredients, using your hands mix everything well.

2. Melt both bags of white chocolate over the stove.

3. Once fully melted pour half the chocolate over the dry mix and stir trying to coat as much as possible. Pour remaining white chocolate on top and stir again.

4. When everything is evenly coated transfer to a baking sheet, option to put sprinkles on top. Let it sit out to cool.

To serve break into pieces and place in a large bowl. Also great for individualized baggies!


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