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Makeup Routine

Like anything else I love to update my makeup looks with the seasons. I will always stay true to my favorite brands but some recent color changes have me super excited for Spring.

Last week I did a video makeup tutorial for a quick and easy spring look. I realize that some of you may also like to see it step by step which is the purpose of today’s post. Included is not only my step by step instructions but also a link to each item I’m wearing, a full list of all the colors I wear as well as the video from last week! Please note that sometimes these links default to a certain shade so for this reason I am providing you with my exact color list at the end of the post. Always start with a clean face. Prior to starting my makeup I always cleanse my face and apply my daily moisturizers. For a full list of my morning routine check out this post on my AM/PM routine.

Step 1: Apply a primer You want to make sure your using a primer on your face before applying your makeup. On days where I have forgotten to use it my makeup just doesn’t last as long. Apply two pumps to your fingertips, rub together and apply to your entire face.

Step 2: Wet your beauty blender Make sure your beauty blender is damp, this will help in evenly distributing the makeup on your face. If you prefer using a brush I would highly recommend this flat brush head. I’m currently switching back and forth between my kabuki brush and beauty blender.

Here’s the difference between a damp and dry beauty blender. To do this run your beauty blender under water squeezing it and allowing the water to come and go. Once wet squeeze out any excess water into a towel.

Step 3: Foundation ready Now that your face is primed your ready for foundation. I’m currently trading between a CC cream and the Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. The CC cream has a 40 SPF which I like. The GA has a beautiful glowing finish and wears a little lighter in my opinion. I take a pump and a half and apply it to the top of my hand, not on the beauty blender. Lightly dab beauty blender or brush on hand to take product from hand to face. Use the BB/brush to dab product over entire face and bend. When blending make sure your getting into your hair line and under chin.

My colors are: GA 4.5, CC cream shade light

Step 4: Concealer I apply my concealer under my eyes in addition to areas of imperfections. My typical spots are under eye, around my nose, forehead between brows and my chin under lip area. Use beauty blender (BB) to dab in concealer.

My colors are: Nars, light 2 vanilla/ Tarte 16N fair light neutral

Step 5: Set your face Now that your foundation and concealer are done you want it to stay that way. In this video I’m only using something to brighten around my eyes. If you tend to get oily in your T-zone I would suggest setting your entire face. This can be done using a large brush or you BB.

Step 6: Bronzer Take your bronzer brush and lightly dust right below your cheek bone, top of forehead and under chin area. Think about creating the #3 on your face. I currently switch between two bronzers that I have linked below.

My colors are: matte finish for both

Step 7: Blush The best way to apply blush is to smile, blush should be applied right on the apple of your cheek.

My colors are: Behave, Angelika, and Orgasm (wearing behave in the video)

Step 8: Eyeshadow When applying your eyeshadow make sure you find a brush your comfortable using, I love using the one I linked below. I apply my eyeshadows in a circular motion followed by a wind shield wiping motion, then repeating. Start light with the application knowing you can build to your desired color. In addition to my traditional shadow I’m currently using a cream shadow and loving it. It wears great all day without creasing or becoming to dry. I’ve worn it both alone and in combination with other eyeshadows. Just note that you want to apply it after your traditional shadows.

My colors are: Afterglow and Jean cream shadow

Step 9: Eyebrows I use this eye pencil in the shade taupe Start in the center and create brush like strokes, then use the brush side to brush through your brows. This will help in evenly distributing the color through your brows. Set with a clear brow gel. My eyebrows are micro bladed which is a tattooing technique in which a small handheld tool adds semi-permanent pigment to the skin. The procedure gave me the look of more full looking eyebrows with better shape as well. These days I maintain them every 6 months which makes this step pretty easy.

Step 10: Mascara I currently have 4 different black mascaras in my drawer yet this is the one I come back to time and time again. I wear the color explicit black. I apply to both my top and bottom lashes. For a nighttime look I will also add this waterproof black eyeliner to my bottom waterline. This mascara comes in a travel size if your just wanting to give it a try too.

My colors is: explicit black, Eye liner - shade darkside

Step 11: Add a highlighter This step I save for a nighttime look. Apply with a brush to your cheekbones, bridge of nose and cupid’s bow. Sometimes I will also lightly dust my brow bone.

My color is: incandescent strobe light

Step 12: Lips I have a few favorites and will link everything right here, one thing that never changes though is my lip pencil. I wear the color pillow talk which is the most beautiful neutral. All of these can be worn either together or separately.

My colors are: Lip pencil - shade pillow talk Lipsticks - roman holiday, pillow talk Balm - Big O, Dolly Fever Gloss - White Russian

Step 13: Set This is a step I typically save for a nighttime look. All you need to do is close your eyes and lightly spray. It leaves you with a look of airbrushing and is so beautiful.

Step 14: Take it off For easy makeup removal try this makeup eraser. I swear by it!


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